mssv 'haru 2020 tour' postponed due to covid19 infections

"haru tour 2020"

featuring mike baggetta,
stephen hodges and mike watt


all gigs will hopefully be rescheduled for this
upcoming september and october and become:

"aki tour 2020"

from mike baggetta regarding mssv "haru tour 2020" postponement:

    After much talking and thinking from us three in mssv, Mike Baggetta, Mike Watt and Stephen Hodges, we have decided to postpone our mssv Haru 2020 tour, March 19 - April 12. We want to make sure that everybody is as safe as can be during this season and the idea of mounting an 18 state tour and seeing the many of you good people that would come out just doesn't seem right at this time, wherever that would even be possible at this point. For the sake of everyone's health, and to not add any undue burden on the promoters and clubs, as well as the problems of navigating the daily changing restrictions it seems like the wrong time for this.

    Please know that we are saying postponed and not cancelled though! To share one piece of good news earlier than planned, our first studio album is going to be released in September 2020 on BIG EGO Studios Records and we plan to fulfill many of these shows this fall for our Aki Tour 2020. No completely confirmed dates are possible yet, but as soon as the dust settles enough we will begin putting that back together in whatever way we can when its safe to do so.

    Until then, please consider checking out our latest release 'Live Flowers' (with extra special guest J Mascis on 'Fun House') on the Striped Light Records label and consider purchasing the handmade letterpress CD package or digital download. You can also grab one of our mssv logo t-shirts and 4x4 stickers, and keep up with our news as it forms, all at:

    Apologies and unending thanks and appreciation to all of you.

    Mike Baggetta
    March 13, 2020

mssv (mike watt, mike baggetta and stephen hodges, l to r) at 'big ego' studio in long beach, ca on december 18, 2019 by devin o'brien

(photo by devin o'brien, click here for 300dpi hires version)

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