first time in china tour 2017

round eye   *   mike watt + the missingmen

mike watt + the missingmen 'first time in china tour 2017

"frist time in china tour 2017"

friday, march 17 at subark livehouse in xinxiang

saturday, march 18 at ddc in beijing

sunday, march 19 at doing club in songjiang

monday, march 20 at uptown records in shanghai

tuesday, march 21 at live bar in shanghai

wednesday, march 22 at time beacon livehouse in ningbo

thursday, march 23 at piston livehouse in wuxi

friday, march 24 at gebi bar in yiwu

saturday, march 25 at yyt in shanghai

from the round eye web site:

   "Round Eye, the experimental freak punk outfit have accrued quite a loud and controversial name for themselves since forming in 2012. The Shanghai based group have shown no mercy nor fatigue in sound development or work ethic and have as of late been a crucial force in bridging a wide gap between the eastern and western hemispheres of punk rock. Along with blazing a gnarly trail all over the globe (USA, Mexico, S. Korea, Japan) they've toured the mainland of China a number of times and have played host to visiting western groups and some legends as well."

round eye  mike watt + the missingmen

from mike watt:

   the connect here is brother steve mackay... a few years ago these ex-pat guys in shanghai band round eye had taken him to china twice to do gigs and I even got an invite back then but I had no time - now is that time though and I took the invite from mainman chach to bring me + my missingmen to play nine gigs in china - first time ever for me, tom or raul to get to visit that land. you can prolly tell it's a very exciting adventure for us and we're gonna try and play the best we can for the folks there cuz yeah, it's their first time getting a chance to see us play live too!

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