toys missing tour 2017

toys that kill   *   mike watt + the missingmen

toys missing tour 2017

"toys missing tour 2017"

thursday, february 23 at the arlene francis center in santa rosa, ca

friday, february 24 at rocky tonk in medford, or

saturday, february 25 at mississippi studios in portland, or

sunday, february 26 at wild buffalo in bellingham, wa

monday, february 27 at the capitol theater backstage in olympia, wa

tuesday, february 28 at the crocodile in seattle, wa

wednesday, march 1 at the domino room in bend, or

thursday, march 2 at the hifi music hall in eugene, or

friday, march 3 at old ironsides in sacramento, ca

saturday, march 4 at the bottom of the hill in san francisco, ca

from todd congelliere:

   Last year we (Toys That Kill) did a string of local shows with Mike Watt + The MIssingmen. Although most of us went back and slept in our own beds every night, it felt like a tour. A great tour! By the last show, they were the tightest I've ever seen em and thought "I wouldn't mind seeing this shit every night!". Maybe we talked about it then, or maybe it was some grand miscommunication but band members shared thoughts and here we are....Toys Missing Tour.

toys that kill  mike watt + the missingmen

from mike watt:

   ever since I met todd cong after seeing him play I got much hankerin' and wanted to some how some day some way make it happen where I could tour w/him. I even offered my services on bass for one his projs but getting to share the missingmen w/him and toys brothers is truly a righteous thing. tiny tour but ten big gigs! I can't remember when I last toured w/a pedro band - if ever?! maybe first time, huh? about fucking time - watt is a slow learner, sorry.

toys missing tour 2017

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